• Baptisia australis 'Decadence Dutch Chocolate'


    An unusual new perennial with blue-green leaves and spikes of rich velvety chocolate pea-like flowers from May to July. Photo provided by: All Plants B.V....

    Baptisia australis 'Decadence Dutch Chocolate'
  • Lupin 'West Country Manhatten Lights'


    A clump-forming perennial with deeply toothed, mid green foliage and tall spires of dense purple and yellow flowers. Photo provided by: Delamore Young Plants...

    Lupin  'West Country Manhatten Lights'
  • Coreopsis auriculata 'Jethro Tull'


    A clump-forming perennial, with rounded mid-green leaves and unusual curled double golden-yellow petals. Photo provided by: Eagle Plants Ltd...

    Coreopsis auriculata 'Jethro Tull'
  • Sisyrinchium 'Sapphire'


    A clump-forming perennial with narrow dark green leaves. Upright stems of sky blue flowers with a dark eye. Photo provided by: Kernock Park Plants...

    Sisyrinchium  'Sapphire'
  • Mukdenia 'Nova Flame'


    A new perennial that is a cross between a Mukdenia and Bergenia that has clumps of thick leathery fan shaped green foliage that turn pink-red at the ends in the summer and upright stems of rose pink star-shaped flowers. Photo provided by: All Plants B.V....

    Mukdenia  'Nova Flame'

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